Pretty petite girlies have tender lesbian sex

Pretty petite girlies from Sapphic Erotica celebrate their burgeoning young bodies by making tender lesbian sex.  I love how the small girl is so adorably sitting on her soon-to-be lover’s lap and beaming a big smile like a child with Santa Clause, despite her nudity.  But it is she who is the real present and the taller raven beauty is fully appreciative of that fact, hungrily cupping her tiny breast with one hand while caressing her slender nude back with the other.  Indeed this petite cutie is like some supernatural gift to the tall slender one, as once both are naked the tiny girl wastes no time in putting mouth to pussy and giving a hearty licking.

I am also a big fan of how she can curl up into a little ball while still balanced on the others lap, her girly legs spread wide to invite a fingering into her lovely pussy.  Part of the allure of such a pretty petite girl to men is that she can be lifted, positioned, folded and spun on a whim.  That this girl can have these things done to her by another thin lovely female is pure awesome.  They say good things come in small packages and both these girls seem like they could deliver a lifetime of pleasure, I’d say that was a pretty good thing.  The sensual kissing they share after all the fingering and licking is done indicates they are pretty satisfied with the others small package too.

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